mario 64 vs new super mario bros

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well, if you like the classic side-scrolling mario, then nsmb, if you liked super mario 64, then 64. I beat nsmb in about 2 days and super mario 64 in about 1-2 weeks. Though both have lots of of replay value because of the gold coins/extra stars, super mario 64 is more satisfying. But I think just about everyone with a ds has NSMB an dit is much better for multiplayer. Plus more mini-games!
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SUPER MARIO 64!!!!!!!!!!!!
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There's only one way I can compare the two:  The time I've spent playing each game respectively.

In this case, Mario 64 DS is the winner.  Even though I played through the N64 version, I was still taken back by the genious design of this 3-D adventure.  Also realize that the original DS launch had some pretty bad games, so SM64 stood out as the "must have" title.  By the time NSMB released, there were many great games arriving on all systems, so I was easily distracted, and ended up shelving NSMB to play other games.  I still liked the game, but haven't been compelled to continue my progress after reaching World 3.  Someday I plan on finishing the game, but I currently have 20 games where I say the same thing.  It's mostly due to bad timing, owning every game system, and not having enough time (but enough money to buy every new game) to play through these games.  Gamers like me (age 26) can relate, but most younger gamers won't.

Sadly, when you can't afford games, you tend to appreciate them a lot more.  By the time you can afford them, you're probably working a full-time job, and time is money (or relaxation, which is priceless).  The only way to strike a balance is to have a full-time job, but live at home with the parents, so you're income becomes disposable.  This allows you to have everything, but at the expense of living at home.  That can be fun, but it gets old, and there's nothing better than making it on your own.  If you can achieve the ultimate of everything, then you can be a hardcore gamer and live happy.  And if you can find a cool girl who accepts your nerdy habit, then you are really lucky.  It's too bad that all the attractive girls I meet that like to play games have been swooped-up by another man.  Can't blame the guy (lucky bastards), cause you don't want a girl as nerdy as you (trust me).

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Mario 64. No contest. Looks better, plays better, sounds better, far longer, more original, and it's one of only a few pure 3-D platformers for the system.
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Yeah I have to say I enjoyed Super Mario 64 DS more than I did New Super Mario Bros. It's lifespan is greater too.
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2 Very different animals, but I'll give Mario 64 the nod.
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def mario 64 cause it is just simply one of the best games ever
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mario 64 of corse
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am i the only one that hated Super Mario 64 Ds? The controls are so bad! But watever NSMB wins by a long shot
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New Super Mario Bros. is the better by far. Super Mario 64 is a port that isn't quite as good as the original.
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mario 64 its longer has more characters to play as and bosses are longer also its a free roaming adventure not like nsmb oh and better minigames