Mad Catz Gamecube memory card?

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#1 Posted by action1234 (958 posts) -

Has anyone ever used a GameCube memory card from Mad Catz on their Wii? I'veseenu users mention Mad Catz on these forums a few times so I wondered if I should buy one if that's the only one I see available. Anyone?

#2 Posted by NV27 (113 posts) -

It works regularly as if it were a normal memory card, I'd say go for it.

#3 Posted by action1234 (958 posts) -

Thanks, but I mean how good is the quality compared to a first party memory card?

#4 Posted by _Tobli_ (5733 posts) -

I think Mad Katz is a fairly iffy brand.

#5 Posted by CrimsonBrute (23159 posts) -
The two madcatz memory cards that worked great. I never had any problem with them.
#6 Posted by Javieralijandro (2667 posts) -
I dont buy mad cats anymore, i put in 100 hours in tales of symphonia on the GC and the memory card corrupted/formated it self.
#7 Posted by aransom (7408 posts) -

Personally, I wouldn't buy anything made by MadCatz, but a lot of people do, and don't have any problems. In the case of memory cards, MadCatz and Nintendo probably both buy them from someone like SanDisk and print their label on it.

#8 Posted by TheColbert (3842 posts) -
Don't get it. The one I have is very unreliable and has corrupted the data twice. Then again my giant Nintendo one corrupted all my data so maybe smaller is better. The 50-something block one I have has worked forever though.