Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon HELP?!?!?!?

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So I just got all 3 stars in every level (including bosses, king boo, and boo missions) plus I got all the gems and all the boos. On my file screen it shows 2 e gad tokens/coins at the top of the file, but it looks like a third one can fit or possibly more. I thought I was done, but now I'm not too sure. I haven't played scarescraper so coud that be it? Is there only 2 e gad tokens/coins?

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First Congrats, I haven't even gotten all the boos as I am towards the end of the last level, so I have a little bit more to go.

Mind explaining what tokens are? Or the e gad?

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The old scientist guy. His name is E Gad (professor E Gad). When you are selecting the file you wanna play look at the top of the bottom screen. If you have finished the story if the game you will see 1 coin/token with E Gad's picture. If you get to the point where I am (all 3 stars, boos, and gems) you will have 2 coins/tokens. My issue is I think there is a 3rd one or more just because that's what it looks like. I want to know if there is a 3rd one.

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Good question. I'll let someone else answer the Q since I don't know. I understood your question the first time around about where to find that in the selection file.

I just forgot about the name of the professor. But if I were to venture forth and take a guess, if you got all the boos and beat the bosses and the boo missions, there is no reason to think there is a 3rd piece that can fit in there. say you haven't played skyscrapper, that is the multiplayer version of the game, so I also don't see how that has to do anything with it.

But what just comes into memory is there is a speedrun which you can do as I heard once. But that's something else.

Since I cannot answer this question, I'll let someone else answer it though.

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After doing more research on the gamefaq, youtube, etc.....I just don't believe there are any more missions you can actually do. You pretty much 100% the game.

But once again I cannot speak with absolute certainty.

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I'm pretty sure the 3rd one comes from completing all 4 parts of the vault so having all types ghosts caught including those found only in the Thrill Tower/Scarescraper along with all gems found, all boos caught and all upgrades unlocked.

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My best guess then is the ghosts I'm missing in the scarescraper. Thanks for the help