Luigi "death stare" on local Fox News broadcast.

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I can only guess he's pissed that Iwata ended the year of Luigi. Now he takes his terrifying vengeance on all who oppose him, Luigi is done asking for respect, now he demands it. Honestly, this is kind of awesome. I don't think anyone at Nintendo could have predicted this, it's amazing the things the internet can find, latch onto, and make incredible.

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LOL Grand Theft Mario Kart

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LOL Grand Theft Mario Kart

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I love this Luigi meme XD

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How is this news?

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I'm obsessed with the Luigi Death Stare. It blew up so fast. MK8 hasn't even been out for a week. The Luigi Death Stare even found its way onto the Huffington Post.

Have no idea if it will fly but this is my favorite Luigi Death Stare gif.

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Nintendo has struck gold. Their secret plan was the death stare. Put that face on every WiiU box and people will be scared NOT to buy it. Genius. I expect profits and sales to increase tenfold now.

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they should of put his face on the

another million sold..guaranteed.

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they should of put his face on the

another million sold..guaranteed.

There are edited covers on the reddit about Luigi Death Stares. There's even some new artwork about it. Its my new favorite thing. I hope Luigi is furious on all his future iterations. The reddit even has a japanese commercial for Super Luigi U where peach is crying and saying Mario. Someone edited it so it flashes to her tear stained eyes and it shows a luigi death stare in the reflection.

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Well, that's one way to make headlines Nintendo. :P

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Weegee legend continues

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International Business Times and the Daily Dot has articles on the Luigi Death Stare. Word is spreading about MK8 and Wii U at a exponential rate. I really hope these equal console sales. Hopefully word has finally gotten out to the casuals. The Luigi Death Stare needs to make its way on to the morning shows like Good Morning America. If it can do that then this game will do what Nintendo couldn't. Get the message out on the Wii U.