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#1 Posted by jb_22vols (949 posts) -

My D-Pad is loose and wobbles around. It's still functional, but I remember my friend's being perfectly sturdy. I'm not sure if it's a common thing or if it's a big enough issue for me to take it back and get a new one.

#2 Posted by takspeed (223 posts) -
Well most of nintendo's portables are known for having wobbly d-pads (the DS lite, gameboy pocket, gameboy color..) but functions fine. I suggest if it affects your gameplay or just really gets on your nerves you should return it. I just tried mine and it does wobble a bit (not as much as the DSlite though )
#3 Posted by wraith-squad66 (1368 posts) -

its supposed to be slightly wobbly, thats the way they designed it.

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Mine has the same problem and also squeaks a lot, Street Fighter is killing it and my thumb, that D-Pad is just too small.

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The 3DS I tried at target d pad was sturdy and didn't squeak (though when you pressed on it it made a slight clicking sound just like my DSi and DS lite.)

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I would somehow get it replaced.
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It's fine. Mine is the same way.

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Mine is just like the phat DS. It's not lose like the Lite.