Lets all play pokemon together!!!

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This is something interesting I found. It's a pokemon game where thousands of players are fighting for the controller. You play by typing into the chat window. Lets see if we can beat the game with in the year!


Use this link to see what everyone is currently up to in the game.


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I've been watching it since the first day and although it's pretty hilarious to watch, it's also extremely frustrating due to the trolls. I lost track on how many hours it took them to get through the Team Rocket hideout, but I'm sure it was over 12 hours. I fear that Safari Zone. x___x

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@ANIMEguy10034: There back in there right now. Seriously, how does it take 6 days to beat Pokemon Red.

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Oh, wow! They managed to release the False Prophet? Hopefully this is a good sign. lol

@spike6958: I'm surprised they managed to get 4 badges. :P