Leaving discs in Wii U?/Viewing manuals/Off-screen play

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I've always left game discs in all my systems, but that white LED is annoying on the Wii U so for peace of mind I put games back in their boxes after I play them :) For some reason I don't mind with my PS4 :S

What about you?

Also, is there no way to view game manuals without having the actual games suspended? Oversight?

Oh and this is a dumb question which I'll probably figure out on my own when I mess around with the game some more...

(Played a bit of Mario Kart 8. I analysed every detail of the Mushroom Cup...the graphics are incredible although they did cheapen out with some low-res ground and sign textures...)

BUT how do you activate off-screen play? Is it different for every game? Do I just turn my TV off? How about for Mario Kart 8?

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I leave my games in if I am currently playing them even when i play VC games no big deal, but if I had no disc based game to play i wouldnt just leave one in it. Off screen play is usually activated on the gamepad or in a menu on the pad, should be pretty obvious if the game has the option.

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"if I had no disc based game to play i wouldnt just leave one in it"

Yeah, same here. As a general rule I always turn a system on when I want to play a game off a disc if there's one in it so it doesn't really make a difference for me. I don't really waste cycles of the disk drive :/

Didn't really look at the settings. I was too busy looking at the tracks. Should be obvious. Just being lazy =P

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I don't mind the disc light. Most of the time, I have a disc in there. Been going between Mass Effect 3 and Xenoblade.

And yeah, you can only view the manuals when the game is suspended. I wish developers could choose between a modal-like home menu that allows the game to continue running in the background and suspending the software. It would be useful for online games where suspending the software isn't an option, but some features would need to be disabled for online games, such as the internet browser. For single player mode, the software suspension makes sense.

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@YearoftheSnake5: Yeah, I found the lack of a suspend function weird. The 3DS had one so why doesn't the Wii U? They can't be pushing the system that much already.

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@Star0: Different departments, different ideas. When the Wii U and 3DS were developed, they were developed by separate teams which had little to no communication with one another. Nintendo has since merged their home console and handheld R&D into one entity, so we should see platforms that are more consistent with one another in the future.

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@YearoftheSnake5: I didn't take the little to no communication thing seriously. I guess it was true and, yes, I hope there will be more uniformity next gen.

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Pretty sure it would cause more wear and tear on the drive by ejecting your game after every session even if you're going to play it next time you power on...

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@achilles614: Good point. I only took it out once and I've left it in since last night so no harm done.

Off-screen play works really well despite the short range. Really liking the system so far.

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i leave the disc in...white light is not bothersome for me. i actually think it looks cooler like that.