Korg M01D is available...finally

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The "latest" from Korg is finally out now, as of the 7th.

I've been looking forward to this since it was slated for mid-summer and so far it's pretty tight.

My only hesitation about it was that the sounds are not nearly as tweakable like the DS-10 was, but there are a lot of instruments to pick from...which do sound legit. 8 tracks + 12-percusion slots ---that become 1track, ...running up to 64 bars a pattern...is worth the trade off here.

Anyone else getting this?

Yes, 34-bucks is a steeper rate, but this is no toy. I was originally thinking of sending it to my mixer, yet I wanna play it more to see what can be done all on it's own.

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I like Korg equipment but I like my Yamaha LS9 Mixing Board better. Grab me a Midi Controller, strap my guitar in and I'm good to go. Looking to get a Roland Phantom eventually though for those extra little nuances here and there.

Thanks for the info though.

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I didn't know this was out. Is it on the US eShop or Euro? How is the audio quality?