Known problems with the DSI XL?

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#1 Posted by Vic-Ferrari (1637 posts) -

Are there any common problems, like hardware problems, with the DSI XL?

#2 Posted by Cruse34 (4468 posts) -

I don't know any, and I know everything

#3 Posted by svaubel (2443 posts) -

Not sure what is doing it, but twice now my XL has had the powerlight turn red as if the battry is low when i know i just barely charged it and it cant be that low yet. This happened after i put it into standby by closing it. After I opened it again, the power light stayed red and for some reason the system refused to turn off. I held down the power button for a long time. After fighting with it for a while i got it to turn off.

I turned it back on and I was just fine after. Like I said I dont know what caused it.

#4 Posted by CrucialBruce (31 posts) -

Not that I have with my DSi XL or read or heard anything wrong with the system. To me it's an awesome handheld that I have owned so far.

#5 Posted by tiedin (2 posts) -

Exact same thing just happened to my husband! I came on to see if anyone else was having the same problem.

#6 Posted by izzlemoxle (2 posts) -
Mine has also been doing this...I got online to see if there was a solution, so far I haven't found much help except a suggestion that the battery might not be installed correctly. I just took the back off and fiddled with the battery, but since it does it randomly I can't tell yet if it helped. Is there anyone out there who knows what's up with this?
#7 Posted by hydralisk86 (8526 posts) -
I have a DSi XL, and i have talked with other people, and they said that the screens tend to have slightly different lighting when comparing with each other. i seem to have that issue.
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I really want one.

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I really want one.

Well, I want a pony, but i can't get one for myself, even i if I say I do, right? I kid, I kid. Anyways, I dunno, i think my touch screen is brighter than my top screen. not sure about other people...