Kirby's Dream Collection Release Thread - (Info, Pics, Vids & Reviews)

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Kirby's Dream Collection Release Thread
(Is it worth taking a trip down this memory lane? Find out below)

~About Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition~

Release Date: NA - Sep 16, 2012 / EU - TBA 2012
No. of Players: 1 - 4 players (only certain games in the collection include multiplayer modes)
Category: Action
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: HAL Laboratory Inc.

Complete with 6 classic games, soundtrack CD and anniversary booklet!

Jump into an interactive celebration of Kirby's 20th anniversary with Kirbys Dream Collection Special Edition! The package includes 6 classic Kirby titles along with several brand-new Challenge Stages like the ones in Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Wii), a 45-song music CD, a 48-page anniversary booklet filled with the details of Kirby's creation and history and interactive timeline to learn everything about Kirby. This is certainly the special package Kirby fans of all ages have been waiting for.


* 6 Classic Kirby games included in one package:
- Kirby's Dream Land (Game Boy, April 1992 release)
- Kirby's Adventure (NES, May 1993 release)
- Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Game Boy, March 1995 release)
- Kirby Super Star (Super NES, Sept. 1996 release)
- Kirby's Dream Land 3 (Super NES, Nov. 1997 release)
- Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (N64, June 2000 release)

* Brand-new Challenge Stages like the ones in Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Wii)

* Kirby 20th Anniversary Soundtrack CD (Featuring 45 Kirby songs)


* Immersive and Interactive Timeline to see footage and box art of all Kirby's game releases.

* 48-page booklet featuring various information about Kirbys star-studded career


* Some of the classic games include multiplayer modes.

Want to know more? Visit the official website:




(Youtube) Launch Trailer
(Youtube) TV Commercial
(Youtube) Teaser Trailer

~Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition Reviews~

Nintendo World Report - 8/10:

"Kirby's Dream Collection is a fine tribute to Kirby's 20-year history. Anyone who missed a chunk of his old outings, or just has an urge to replay them all, should definitely pick up this package. If you own all the games on Virtual Console on Wii or 3DS, it is a little harder to recommend, but if you don't, Kirby's Dream Collection is totally worth playing to experience Kirby's old games and get a taste of what he's doing now." - (Full Review)

EGM - 8/10:

"If you're a big Kirby fan and grew up with him like I did, this is a nice total package. The games don't completely stand the test of time, but this offers older gamers a nice chance to reminisce and see how far we've come. Plus, considering the $39.99 price tag and all the extra features the package comes with, Kirby's Dream Collection reminds us thats it OK to think pink every now and again." - (Full Review)

1up - A/A+:

"Admittedly, Kirby's Dream Collection doesn't make up for the miserable way Nintendo's commemorated its other key franchises (and for all that Mario All-Stars Collection felt lacking, at least it existed, which is more than you can say for Zelda and Metroid's anniversaries). But even if the love laden upon the Kirby series here seems disproportionate to the games' actual merit, I'll never complain about game history being canonized and uplifted with genuine respect and care. The collection's excellence probably has more to do with HAL than Nintendo, but it's a great compilation by any standard: A big slab of pink excellence that deserves to close the book on every Wii collection." - (Full Review)

Destructoid - 8.0/10:

"As a hardcore lover of the Kirby series, I doubt any collection could find the right balance of mainstream and obscure titles to satisfy me, but Nintendo and HAL Laboratory have at least done a very admirable job of paying tribute to the pink puffball with genuine affection. The classic games aren't quite the selections I'd have made, but they're all worth checking out, and when combined with the extra content, they become one of the better anniversary packages out there. Kirby fans would be foolish to pass it up, while non-fans will get six good games and a lot of fun silliness for their dime. Can't argue with a deal like that!" - (Full Review)

Game Informer:

"It's a nice collection of classic platformers that are still fun to play. The graphics may be a bit dated, but the gameplay stands the test of time. If you're a fan, you'll love it, but this is also a great entry point for people who missed these games the first time. If you think of vacuums when you hear the word Kirby, Kirby's Dream Collection is a great way to educate yourself about the history of one of Nintendo's most adorable characters." - (Full Review)

What are your thoughts on Kirby's Dream Collection?

Kirby's adventures over the past 20 years have been great, hopefully his future adventures are just as good.

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Great topic once again Jolly :D

I so want this :D

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mine shipped from best buy a couple days ago...

but im going to keep it sealed.

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I wanna pick this up soon.
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This is not a definitive Kirby Collection since there is no Kirby's Dream Course.
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This is not a definitive Kirby Collection since there is no Kirby's Dream Course.nini200
The golf game? I don't think that even counts as a Kirby game. I might pick this up a in a couple months.
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This arrived from Amazon yesterday. I decided to play a little bit of each game first, to get acquainted/reacquainted with them, and then finish them in the order they were released in. So far I really like the collection a lot. There are certain things they could have done to make the collection better. For example, include some of the non-traditional games, most notably Dream Course and Tilt N Tumble. While it isn't a big deal to me, they could have included the option to play the Gameboy games in color. The book they included could have been a hardcover book. They could have had a way to zoom in on the box art in the interactive museum so that you could read the text. And I have to say they missed a great opportunity in not including the Right Back at Ya episode called "Kirby Takes the Cake," in which the people of Cappy Town plan a surprise party to celebrate Kirby's first anniversary on the planet. Not only is that a very good episode IMO, it is obviously very fitting for the idea of this collection. All of those issues (with the exception of "Kirby Takes the Cake" not being included, which is more of a personal issue), as well as some other mostly legitimate complaints one could have with the collection will have a varying weight when it comes to different people's opinions. But for me, they are little more than nitpicks I have, which would make an already fantastic collection even better.

Obviously I'm a bit biased when it comes to Kirby (the Kirby series isn't may favorite Nintendo series, but I still love the games, and the character is one of my favorite Nintendo characters), but I think every bit of this collection does a great job of giving Kirby the the love he deserves. I haven't gone through the entire book yet (I got up to the part where it talks about Kirby's Star Stacker), but from what I have seen of it so far, it does a great job of packing a lot of content in such a little space. The CD is absolutely fantastic. While there are a few songs I wish could have been on there, and some songs I like less than others (Epic Yarn's Green Greens), it does a great job of representing a lot of the more classic songs, and showing off how varied Kirby's songs can be. The interactive history is pretty good. I would have an issue with the fact that its historical facts often have nothing to do with Kirby, but the history book does a good enough job of covering that part of Kirby's history, and it is kind of interesting (if a little odd) to have a kind of historical context for the kind of world that the Kirby games were released in. Also, love them or hate them, I think it's great that they included some Right Back at Ya episodes, which contributes to the feeling that this is a celebration of everything Kirby. And of course, there's the games. Again, I think they could have represented the non-traditional games (more than just a mention in the history book and interactive history), but the games that are included are all good in their own way, and do a good job of showing how varied the series can be, even if a lot of the basic elements remain consistent throughout the whole series. And the challenges are a very good touch as well. It simultaniously gives representation to Returns to Dreamland (showing off how far the gameplay has progressed) and gives the game even more replay value than it already had with the 6 different games. I haven't tried getting Platinum, or even Gold medals in the challenges, but it will be a fun incentive to come back to this game.

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[QUOTE="nini200"]This is not a definitive Kirby Collection since there is no Kirby's Dream Course.meetroid8
The golf game? I don't think that even counts as a Kirby game. I might pick this up a in a couple months.

yep the golf game. That game is easily one of, if not THE best and most creative kirby games created.
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Got my copy when it was released but I haven't even started playing it yet... never really got a chance :P
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I was surprised to see it that quick on the stores here in Mexico, i wasn't even going to buy a game...but i ended with this one (i also got Silent Hill much for not buying anything today ) and as a big Kirby fan i have to say i'm pretty happy with the collection, it definitely could have been much better, however there has been years since i played Crystal Shards which i liked a lot and i never played Dreamland 3 nor the original game for the Gameboy, so this is a great chance to finally play this games.

No doubt a great game for fans of the series.

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Looks awesome and I'll be picking it up hopefully today.

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Nice thread, thanks.
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I bought mine yesterday. This should go good along with the limited edition kirby medal I am getting from club nintendo.

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Why is a screenshot of Return to Dreamland in the original post? Is that part of the collection?
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Why is a screenshot of Return to Dreamland in the original post? Is that part of the collection?Minishdriveby

Yes. Dream Collection has "Brand-new Challenge Stages" that were made with the same engine that Return to Dreamland used.

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[QUOTE="Minishdriveby"]Why is a screenshot of Return to Dreamland in the original post? Is that part of the collection?JollyGreenOne

Yes. Dream Collection has "Brand-new Challenge Stages" that were made with the same engine that Return to Dreamland used.

Oh! Thank you for the clarification!
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I bought this it's cool my first time playing any of the Kirby games!
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The only good Kirby games are Tilt n' Tumble, Epic Yarn and The Crystal Shards. And I already have Epic Yarn and Crystal Shards.
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the back of the box says it supports gamecube controller...thats good now i can use my adaptors.

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I want this!

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I bought myself a copy of the collector's edition, about a week ago. It's great, and I have the chance to play the Kirby games I have missed out on.

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If only I had money...