Just got a 3DS XL

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Hello, well my 3DS XL came yesterday, I also got, Super Marios Bros 2, Mario Party Island Tour, Sonic Generations and Yoshis New Island.

I've had a tinker around with them and I am quite enjoying it. I did need a new hand held, I have a PS Vita but it just does not seem to be as appealing, made the mistake of thinking because I always go for PlayStation that I would love Vita but no, I suppose it would become more useful when I get PS4.

But anyways, loving the 3DS, I did love the Wii, didn't really want a Wii U at the moment, also had the legendary Gameboy's and NES and SNES consoles in past.

Sorry for rambling, lastly, can anyone recommend a good pair of headphones for the 3DS XL ?


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Hey Carl, glad you're enjoying the 3DS!

Headphones... Idk, someone else will have to help you out there since I don't use them. Some inexpensive ones with those 'gummy' earbuds would probably suffice. I know Nintendo probably has officially-licensed ones, they did on the DS I remember.

Not to turn this into a 'handheld war' discussion, but I was in the same boat before with the Vita. I think it was an okay piece of hardware, but it was too pricey and most of the games made for the system didn't have very much content. I feel bad about all of the money I've spent on game systems over the last couple of years, hopefully I've learned from it.

Have you made use of the streetpass feature? I kind of have fun going for walks and heading to the mall to collect coins and pass people. It's kind of addictive, idk. Miiverse is kind of neat, if a bit boring. People can really draw on there! I usually only end up having time to get into actual games on days off, but I enjoy it when I make some progress. I think the 3DS XL will keep me entertained for a long time.

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@Ovirew: Yea I tend to dive in on buying consoles also and I never learn lol, but they do eventually come in handy one day for me.

I enabled the street pass I have yet been out with it, idk if I'd have a good as experience with it here in UK. Gamers tend to be not as high in numbers as in US or Japan. Well maybe its because I'm in a small town of around 100,000 or so.

But yea all in all its a great purchase.

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I've been using my iPhone headphones with my 3DS, no problems.

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I agree with the guy above me, I use my iPhone ear buds and they're fine.

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welcome to the dark side.

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@KBFloYd said:

welcome to the dark side.

Dude, I was born on this side ! haa

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using iphone headphones ,too