Jump! Ultimate Stars.

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Anyone tried this game?

In my opinion Its best Multiplayer game in Ds8)

check it Out...

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Yeah, I imported it when it first released, and put in about 90 hours of gameplay in the first couple of weeks of owning it. I agree, it does probably offer the best online experience, though I think Worms: Open Warfare 2 comes close to its quality. However, that's only if you're playing friends who have decent connections within your region. Most random brawls lag pretty bad, since the majority of players are in Japan. Still, it's one of the best games to ever come to the DS, and probably one of the biggest expressions of Japan sticking its middle finger up at the western world and saying, "Ha, ha! We've got one of the best games you'll never play!" :evil:
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Best online fighter for any handheld so far

that is...until they release the next game (it DOES say to be continued at the end)

Ive clocked in at least 150 hours on that thing

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I love this game. I can't understand a word it says but I personally think that it is better than Mellee.