July Black Friday sale for 3DS and 3DS XL systems at Best Buy

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#1 Posted by thom_maytees (3669 posts) -

Best Buy is having a July Black Friday sale between Friday and Saturday where the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL systems are discounted by $30.

Nintendo 3DS (Aqua Blue) - $119.99

Nintendo 3DS (Flame Red) - $124.99

Nintendo 3DS (Cosmo Black, Midnight Purple, Pearl Pink)- $139.99

Nintendo 3DS XL (Blue/Black, Red/Black) - $169.99




#2 Posted by GAME-QUEST-EX (196 posts) -

In the past, Best Buy tended to do stuff like this toward the end of Summer, so as to make room for the newer stuff coming in the Fall and for the Holidays, I would imagine.

Some of their best sales were never advertised at all (especially when they are clearing out their inventory); you just have to walk into a store of theirs and get lucky with what you happened to find on sale. Well, nowadays, the internet is a tool to spread their big sales messages anyway.

Good find, by the way!

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Nice find. Might pick it up today. To my knowledge you can transfer just about everything from the 3ds to the XL including the FC, but what happens to the xl's FC? Do both systems keep the same FC?

I ask because I intend on selling the 3ds once I'm done with the transfer.

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Nice! I have been wanting a midnight purple 3DS. Thanks for the heads up.
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Hmm kinda tempting, actually.
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Hmm kinda tempting, actually.Allicrombie
Do it missy =P
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Hey guys, I've bought the 3DS XL about 2 weeks ago and got a great deal (in Canada) at a drugstore!!!! At Pharmaprix (or Shopper's Drug Mart elsewhere), you had a one day special on a 3DS XL for 159.99$ (they also have a points system, so they gave 20 times more points for this sale than usual). Took my wife's points card of the store, took some points for additionnal refund (22000 pts = 30$ discount) They where giving me 24000 pts anyway from the sale, so why not benefit from my wife's points and get the reward from pts right now!

Long story short, total cost was 153$, tax included on 3DS XL. This is a Christmas gift for my son, but I'll definitely be tempted to try it out before that time ;-)

Guys: keep looking for great discounts, I found out about this special on a random blog (while googleing for best 3DS XL price in Canada). At that price, I couldn't say no.