Is the Wii U worth buying

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I want to know your opinion about the system, and if you want your favorite game.

I should have mentioned before I have a PS4 for other non Nintendo games.

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It's only worth buying if you can see yourself enjoying at least 5 games on it. That's my rule of thumb for console/handheld purchases.

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It is for me. My favorite game is Mario Kart 8 or Pikmin 3. I can't really say for other people unless I know their tastes.

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do you like mario, donkey kong, zelda, kirby, yoshi, fire emblem, star fox, metroid, xenoblade, bayonetta, mario kart, smash bros....

if you do... yes...

if you want batman, skyrim,assassins creed,grand theft auto,call of duty,battlefield,sports games then no..

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The only reason to own a WiiU is to play Nintendo games. If you don't care about Nintendo software, you buy something else. PC probably being the best choice.

Now that I think of it, there was also a lot of great multiplats on the Wii...

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As others have said, it depends on your tastes.

I think it's worth buying. Nintendo usually has a lot of great exclusives that you can't get anywhere else. If the Wii U is your only console, then make sure you like games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, Pokemon, Kirby, Smash Bros, etc, etc. If you don't care for those kind of games, then it's probably not worth it. The console's future 3rd party support is questionable.

It can make a good primary console or a secondary. Depends on how see it.

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@ANIMEguy10034: It's only worth buying if you can see yourself enjoying at least 5 games on it. That's my rule of thumb for console/handheld purchases.

This. Couldn't agree more.

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It's a Nintendo console. If you like Nintendo games, you'll enjoy the system. It seems to have a solid future of games.

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The Wii U is worth buying if your a fan of Nintendo's first party offerings. Retro is Nintendo's second party studio which brought Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. I hope that Retro is a work on a Metroid game. But other than 1st and second party games. The Wii U doesn't have very strong third party support.

The Gamepad works well. But if you are a long time gamer then. Getting use to the large size of the Gamepad takes a bit to get used to. Lucky that most games will allow you to use the Wii U Pro controller instead of the Gamepad.

The Wii U if you can find a deal on an external Hard Disc Drive. 8GB or 32GB flash memory doesn't cut it in 2014. So I can just barely give the Wii U a recommendation.

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Since you have a PS4, the Wii U will make a great companion console. This does depend on whether you like Nintendo's franchises. Right now, I have a sizable number of games for my Wii U between my digital and physical libraries. If you never had a Wii last gen, you'll be in for a treat since Wii U is backwards compatible. A whole plethora of great games will be open to you. Whether or not they're your cup of tea is for you to decide. Definitely check what's on the system now and what will be coming in the future. Gamespot did an article a while back for the best games on Wii U, which may be helpful for you.

I think the system is worth it, but see if its software appeals to your taste before buying. :)

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yeah depending on your interests

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Yes I love mine.

Mario Kart 8, New Super Mario bros U, Luigi U, Mario 3D world, Pikmin 3, NintendoLand, Game and Wario, Zelda WW HD

Smash and bayonetta are games I have been waiting a LOOOONG time for. WiiU is a no brainer. Get it.

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Yup. Other then the broken Miiverse and lack of Party Chat, its the best 8th gen console. Starfox alone is my game of this generation. I don't even care what else gets announced over the next 6 years.

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It's definitely worth buying, especially with the recent Mario Kart 8 bonus game. That's the reason why I picked it up earlier this week. Already a few must-have games and games that are simply worth it (Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, The Wonderful 101, ZombiU, Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, just to name a few). I'm fairy impressed so far and enjoying the system a lot.

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as mentioned have a look at the games. if you cant find much that interests you then there is no point.

if you can find the games then shop around. there are some sweet deals going on.

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@ANIMEguy10034 said:

It's only worth buying if you can see yourself enjoying at least 5 games on it. That's my rule of thumb for console/handheld purchases.

Same here except I can go as low as 3. It's completely up to you TC, if you think you'll get your money's worth with the Wii U then go ahead and get one. Because I didn't play some of the multiplats yet, the Wii U was worth it for me because of New Super Mario Bros. U, Assassin's Creed III, and Batman: Arkham City. Along the way, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8, Rayman Legends, Super Mario 3D Land, and Assassin's Creed IV solidified my purchase. I've also got games like Splinter Cell: Blacklist, ZombiU, and The Wonderful 101 to play and I'm interested in the upcoming Bayonetta 2 (bundled with the first game) and Super Smash Bros. So really it all boils down to you.

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Depends on what games you're interested in. If you're big on Mario or Link for example, then yes. Though I warn you, you might get some hate because its so underrated (omg, playstation is so much better blah blah blah; dude xbox beats the wii u it sucks blah blah blah) It really is a great system. I recommend it for any Nintendo fan.

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I think it can be worth it, but you really have to know what you want if you buy one.

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yes it is worth it and my favorite game is mario kart 8.

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if you love Nintendo franchises it's worth it now, more so than owning a PS4 at the moment in my opinion.

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@lilcookie16: Look at the library and see if there are 5 current games you are interested in right now. Don't look to the future, now. If you find games in the future then wait to buy a Wii U then and maybe get lucky with a bundle and/or price drop.

My Wii U is for exclusives and I buy Nintendo at launch just to fiddle with the hardware. Since you waited this long (Wii U launched in 2012), you may as well wait until their are games you would play for sure.

Again, go look through the current library and see if there are games you want to play. Check review scores if you want. Good luck. :)

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I just bought one a couple of weeks ago, and so far I'm enjoying it a lot. If you like Nintendo style games then go for it.

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99 problems, naming the Wii U isn't one.

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If someone resorts to asking whether system A is worth buying I find the usual and acceptable answer to be NO. Why? Simply put, if they don't know what the system is about and what it offers by now, I doubt it is something they'd enjoy.

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@Solaryellow: Not true for everyone, I never made a thread asking if it's worth it or not but I've had my doubts about buying the system not too long ago. SolidTy did an excellent job letting me know what to expect if I bought the Wii U. I decided to pick one up during Best Buy's "Black Friday in July" sale that had the Mario/Luigi Wii U Bundle on sale for $260. On top of that I bought Mario Kart 8 and got Pikmin 3 for free from the promotion. A console and 4 games for under $400 was too good to pass up. I actually haven't touched my PS4 since owning the Wii U, really happy I decided to take the plunge and buy it.

I also feel like I've been mislead from all the negative reviews about it. With all the great games out already and coming out in the future I can honestly see the Wii U becoming one of my favorite consoles owned, like the Sega Saturn. I live in the US, Sega Saturn failed here, got the action replay cart so I can play Japan import games also. Sega Saturn is one of my favorite consoles of all time.

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I have a Wii U and a PS4 (along with all the last gen systems). My Wii U and PS3 are my most played systems. I play my PS4 a little but I play my Wii U a ton. The first year I couldn't say that. Now it's my best system.