Is it worthy to have different regions of the 3DS?

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#1 Posted by inter_911 (509 posts) -

Considering that many of the games have different regions release dates i was thinking of picking up a european 3DS XL.

I already have a normal 3DS, Do you think it is a good idea? and are there going to be many games that have a huge different in the release date between them like Bravely Default?


#2 Posted by KevinXYpokemon (19 posts) -

Yes,it is worth unless you have extra money. i have two japan,one U.S. meanwhile,i am a chinese..

#3 Posted by Glitter (353 posts) -

I do not recommend it, if you purchase a Nintendo 3DS from a region in which you do not live, there will be no way to get it fixed by Nintendo; I think they will refuse to fix it.

#4 Posted by DonkeyBrains (36 posts) -

Not really. Especially if you consider buying a European 3DS. Bravely Default is really one of the only games that comes out way earlier. Just wait.

#5 Posted by trugs26 (5209 posts) -

What's a "normal" 3DS? Lol.