Ipod + Wii = Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#1 Posted by wiiguy13 (98 posts) -
Does anyone know if you can connect your ipod to your wii through the usb port and play music while playing games and stuff.
#2 Posted by Jaysonguy (37416 posts) -
No you can't
#3 Posted by JAB991 (6077 posts) -
Some games let you play MP3s from an SD card. I know this is the case for Excite Truck and Endless Ocean. As for plugging an iPod into your Wii, that'll just charge it.
#4 Posted by ag1052 (5725 posts) -
ipod+wii= doesnt play music
#5 Posted by General_Diablo (566 posts) -

ipod+wii= doesnt play musicag1052