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I am considering getting this. The review's have been good. Is this worth purchasing now?

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lt is a very good game. But its super short and lacks replay value because you can easily 100% it in your first play through and theres no online for the multiplayer. l like the challenge mode but i got a little bored with it.

Even with all that said you should get it. despite its problems its still worth owning.

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I kind of disagree with the replay value comment. You can do all missions and it has the multiplayer competitive option too. Aside from that there is already a DLC with more missions and it will be one more soon. Even without the DLC the missions provide a good challenge for a long time.

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the game is terrific.... i beat it yesterday...had it since launch...i played it off and on.. i got 17hours out of it and i didnt even get 100% and that was just the campaign...i havnt played the mission modes or multiplayer.

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It is a great game in pretty much every single aspect.

I got 100% in about 17 hours of gameplay, but the game has a solid mission mode which can be enjoyed with multiple players.

The main adventure is gorgeous and very immersive. Pikmin has never been this engaging and beautiful!

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I'd say it's only worth getting if you have someone to play with you. The single player campaign is pretty short, but the competitive multiplayer and challenge modes are fun. Not to say the campaign is bad, it's just short. If you don't mind that then yeah it's worth it.

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It's a fantastic game with endless replay value. The game is all about efficiency and it keeps track of pretty much every stat you have for every play through you do. It's addictive to try and complete the game in less days.

Then there is the superbly designed challenge mode which offers a bunch of maps that you must master in a time limit. Getting the platinum medal in these is incredibly difficult, but incredibly rewarding.

You should definitely buy this game. It's the best thing on the console and perhaps the whole year so far.

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I just ordered myself a Wii U, still waiting for it to arrive but I got Pikmin 3 with it so I hope that I like it; the trailer and gameplay videos I've seen look good.

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It's really good. But it doesn't have the immediacy or consequence of the first. It's also short. Finish it once and return it.

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It's pretty awesome. The story mode was a bit too short for my liking (Pikmin 2 was perfect, they should've made this one bigger), but the other modes should fix the replay value. Haven't put much time in those yet.

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I think anyone who has owned a Wii U up until this point should buy Pikmin 3. It's easily one of, if not, the best game out there for Wii U. This title will probably be taken away once Mario 3D World comes out.

Wiimote + nunchuck is the optimal way to play. I play with the gamepad when I want to play without using the TV - which is quite often and a nice feature. The gamepad controls are playable, it just pales in comparison to the Wiimote. Using it as a map and multitalking is quite a nice feature of the gamepad too.

Anyway, high quality game, has cheap DLC support (so far, two sets of bonus missions), and is really fun if you have a buddy to play with locally. This game doesn't have online, and personally, I don't know if this is an online kind of game anyway. Maybe for bingo battle, but for the other co-op stuff, it would be best kept to the living room.

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@Shmiity said:

It's really good. But it doesn't have the immediacy or consequence of the first. It's also short. Finish it once and return it.

and ignore 95% of the experience? The Pikmin series has always been about multiple playthroughs and bettering yourself. Then there are the challenge maps that you should not ignore. Mastering those is very satisfying and should not be skipped.

Pikmin 3, like its predecessors, is the kind of game designed to be played for a very long time. An experience that's never over and should be cherished for years.