How would you feel about a 4th big console maker?

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Like an completely NEW company with NEW IPs...Just saying.

I'd give them a shot. As long as the games were good.

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Wrong forum

You're looking for system wars

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Eh. I'm debating whether there should be consoles at all. Just let everyone go third party and develop on PC (and get a Steambox if you want a "console" experience). Then instead of console wars, it will be Operating System wars (or better yet, Linux Distro Wars), which makes more sense.

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@Jaysonguy: But it doesn't have anything to do with other systems/games.

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@trugs26: But what about stuff that you couldn't do on PC? Like games that use the Wii remote or Gamepad. I guess you could make an app for them, but it wouldn't be the same.

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This would actually be better suited to the Games Discussion forum.