How to Setup DS WiFi

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How do you setup WiFi in your house? Do you need to buy something special to run WiFi on your DS? 
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You have to have High speed internet and a Wireless router. Also, you need a Wifi compatible game before you can do any wifi setup. If you dont have a Wifi game, you cant interact with the Wifi setings on you DS at all. Once you get a game, select the wifi setting option in that game and then you can search out for your wireless router and poof you're connected.
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Or if you don't have a wireless router or something that support Wi-Fi,you can always buy the USB connector,just plug it in,press the 'Connect to USB connector' or something like that in the Wi-Fi options,and you're set.
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Can't the DS just connect to the wireless high speed internet in my house? You know, like the ps3 or wii?
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Can't the DS just connect to the wireless high speed internet in my house? You know, like the ps3 or wii?masterjojo3
yeah, once you get a wifi game go into the wifi settings and search for a signal(or access point or something like that) its the big square at the left. and then it will let you in or ask for your WEP code if you have it locked, simply do what it says and your good, sometimes mario kart is weird and when your testing the connection it takes hours, just shut it off if its taking a long time and when you turn it on as long as your router works you will be fine
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Cool, thanks for the advice. But, if it does ask for your WEP, were can you find it?
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hmm, ask the person in charge of  your network, they should know, its just a security device so others cant steal your signal. i just asked my step dad for mine so im dont know how to find it on the computer. but yeah, who ever is networks your computers should have it. if you have the wii hooked up to your signal youll need it so do you still have it from then or did someone else set up your wii for you?
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Great, my wireless DS is all setup. The only last thing is how do you find your own friend code for playing with other friends?