how much can i sell my wii for?

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im looking to sell my wii at gamestop and i just want to know how much ill get it store credit
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You'll regret it later ;)
#5 Posted by air_wolf_cubed (10233 posts) -
8$ at Gamestop. Well worth it
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You can sell your Wii for a great big bag of regret, and self -pity. Or maybe just 60 $ in store credit in stead.
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Double post ftw and you'll regret selling it

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If you're serious about selling you might want to consider Ebay instead. You'll probably get more money there.
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sell it at ebay youll get about 100$ extra.
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Well, you can get it for $
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Uhm. Here's what will happen:

TC: How much will you pay for this Wii?

GS: Oh....uhm......$1. Now hurry up and pay. I wanna play some Halo.

Yeah....don't sell it.

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I totally agree don't sell it! I made that mistake and when i wanted to get another one it took me 6 months to find one. If you are serious about getting rid of it sell to a friend or ebay like i did you will get a whole lot more. I think the Trade value at Gamestop is like 120 which really isn't worth it you should go for no more then 200 for the console alone. and if you got VC and software you can easily get more.
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this is blasphemy never speak of this again
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i think i will end up selling my wii too on ebay, i seen people get 500 for the thing.
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you're better off selling it on ebay for like 300$. Gamestop usually rips you off