How do I sell a 3ds?

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I understand the process of putting it on eBay and everything but I have more specific questions about the 3ds itself.

I have games I would like to give the new owner but they are digital copies so how do I go about setting it up so they can download them? Also could someone provide step by step instructions on what to do as far as if I need to format the sd card (which is going to the mew owner) and how I go about doing that. And unlinking my accounts from the 3ds or whatever I have to do with the eshop.


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So you're going to move up a level to XL,right? If so try data transfer. It will be on your new,bigger,better version(if you have one obviously)..the old one,nah just leave as it is,and be sure to log out(or change password to reinforce security prior to selling it) or even better,try switching the SD card,so you would have all the data you could always keep and protect

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Yep going to an xl. I guess my big question is: Is there a way to sell my 3ds to someone stating in the ad that it has preloaded games (to get a better price) and then the new owner can download the games I had on there previously? Or does it have to be physical copies?

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You can't. Digital titles are tied directly to the 3DS. If you transfer your data to your new system, the old system will void out the digital content. Your best/only bet is to go to the Nintendo Digital store, and buy a game to put on there. Granted you'll lose money on this. Welcome to Nintendo's rather brilliant system. (Not like you can do this with anything else on the market today.)

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Most of the time,it's done physically. Now that there are digital ones...I think it depends if the buyer have an account or not

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I guess I'll just sell a couple of physical games with it. It's a Shane because I just finished luigis mansion completely and I now have no use for it. Oh well

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Fate knows no bounds,even it will call away a recently finished game. As there was a saying I used to listen as a kid. "nothing more from the older,lest that's sustainable. Move on,there will be more for your future."

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That's why I buy the majority of my games in physical form. In the off chance I need to sell, it's so much easier. But it does make sense you can't sell digital games, even if Nintendo's policies were up to par with Sony and Microsoft.

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I wanted luigis mansion in the physical form when I bought it but all the stores were sold out and I just had to have it at the time. I almost always buy in the physical form just cause its nice to be able to actually hold something. I guess I'll just let my roommate play if he wants