How do I know when the DS is fully charged?

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#1 Posted by Dahaka-UK (6915 posts) -
I've got it plugged in now, there was an orange light before and now it's gone off... And how long does a fully charged DS last?
#2 Posted by utakpulvoron (333 posts) -
The orange light goes away when its fully charged. It lasts depends on the brightness you are using. Also it depends on how old the DS battery has been used. On the lowest brightness and very new it should last around 15 hrs. Or so the manual claims. But it will last you 10hrs +.
#3 Posted by master-dude (548 posts) -
There's a picture of a battery at the top-right of the screen when you start up the DS
#4 Posted by Best1989 (160 posts) -
When the light goes off, or when the energy bar is full....
#5 Posted by StarFoxEXR (689 posts) -

What they all said before, I keep mine on the lowest setting and get about 12 hours. Takes about 3-4 hrs for mine to charge.

#6 Posted by Atomic1977 (113 posts) -
A plugged in DS will have no orange light on it when its fully charged. a DS battery should take about 500 charges before it goes bad. a new DS takes 3 to 4 hours to charge. it also depends on how much you play it and if you let the battery run all the way out before recharging. you should get about 8 to 10 hours out of one charge i belive.
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The DS is fully charged when the orange light goes away.
#8 Posted by vatterott (1842 posts) -
When it won't charge anymore....:?
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when you plug it in, two lights appear. wait for those to go away, and when they do, its done charging.

if you dont want to sit there and wait forever, let it charge for 4-6 hours depending on how much of it was already charged up.