How do i hook up my Wii to my computer screen?

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Ok, so in the past i kept my Wii donwstairs, but lately everyone's been fighting over it so i decided to just keep it in my room and hook it up to my computer screen. However, i don't know how to do this, i don't even know if it will work. Can you please tell me how?

P.S. It's kida old, not a flatscreen, will it still work?

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I've never seen a VGA cable for the wii so I doubt you'll be able to do that.
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I think theres a way to convert VGA to standard composite video input. So possibly you could do that. Check, theres lots of cables for such conversions there and they're cheap.
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what you need are pliters or whatever that alow the cables to attach to that and the convert using the cables that hook to the monitor.they are at radio shack
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Yeah, you need a converter. And even still, it's not guaranteed that it will work.

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So by VGA you mean vagina Am i correct???

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I never knew you can hook up your Wii to your computer.