Help! Wii not reading discs!

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All of a sudden my wii does not read discs anymore! Any of them!

If I clean the lens with the Nintendo lens cleaner a coupple times I can get it to work for a little while but after it goes back to nothing...

Somtimes it says: Game disk could not be read" while im on the disc channel

Or it says "An error has accoured, Please eject the game disc and turn off the wii consle" just after I press start.

Or it says "The game disc could not be read. Please look at the wii manuel" but depending on the game, the error message may vary. I see it after the warning about the wrist strap and stuff


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Sorry for my bad spelling...I was in a hurry

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Ok first try cleaning one of your games using a lint free microfiber cloth and try to play it. If the game still doesn't play i recommend you to call Nintendo. And don't foget to clean them using only straight strokes.

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Is your Wii from the South (Illiteracy joke ftw)?