Help needed! Wii Controller not aiming at all for wii u!!!!!

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So I bought a wii controller so I could play wii on my wii U. Nothing I do works. The controller does calibrate, and I can press b. But I cannot aim when it gives me display options. I waved my arm around for a minute and it did let me aim finally. So I pressed a display option, which was tv. And then after that I couldn't play my game, no buttons worked. But after that 1 lucky time, I can't aim it anymore. I can't choose a display option. Nothing shows up.

- I have already placed the sensor bar in its slot tightly and under my tv on both sides. I even tried it on top of my tv

- I placed my gamepad everywhere and it still didn't work

- I replaced my batteries with new ones that I just bought

Are any of you having this problem??? It's driving me insane!! I will have to return my Wii U if it really is not backwards compatible.

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You may have a bad Wii remote. I bought one a long time ago that disconnected randomly. If you still have your receipt, get it exchanged.

Also, how close are you to the TV? Wii remotes are finicky depending on how close you are.

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Do you have a Wii remote +, or a regular Wii remote? Idk if you need Wii Motion + to use it. I know when I've seen the newer remotes in stores, they already have the motion + or something.

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Well I guess now it's working guys. It was the sensor bar, has to be placed in a particular way.