HELP!! How to Connect my 3DS to my Laptop!??

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#1 Posted by greekboy1981 (481 posts) -

3ds has NO USB cable....and my Laptop has NO SD card slot!! what can i do to connect them so i can put mp3's on my 3ds?!

#2 Posted by Hrothgarfunkel (248 posts) -

usb sd card readers are very very inexpensive. You will have to get one to transfer files between your pc and 3DS.

Or, some digital cameras will act as an sd card drive, that might also work for you.

#3 Posted by Spinnerweb (2944 posts) -
You can use an adaptor. They are very cheap indeed.
#4 Posted by greekboy1981 (481 posts) -

CAN i do it inserting my 3ds Card to my old PSP??? or it will alter the contents!?!

#5 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8571 posts) -
Psp uses memory stick 3ds uses SD so no you can't
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You really should have done a lot more research on the subject. Like others have said, there is no other solution other than buying a cheap USB SD card adaptor and doing it that way. That is literally the only way to do so.
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Just goto ebay or amazon search USB SD reader and you can pick from a ton for like 1 or 2 bucks + shipping Or you could goto a store and probably pay 10 or just under that.

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On a semi related note, does anyone know what format stop motion videos are saved to?
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You can put mp3s on a 3ds?

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You can put mp3s on a 3ds?Philokalia
You can. It's the primary use of the Nintendo 3DS Sound app.