hell with gamepad wiiu new super mario brothers u

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just got the wiiu and as a mario fan im loving every single minute of it. tho i have a complain. i am playing on an hd tv but my gamepad is also playing the same thing as my tv. i thought this was like the 3ds in where the tv plays the game while the gamepad shows the map and items u have. is there an option so that gameplay is only visible on tv and the gamepad is used for the map or items. (like in the 3ds or turn of the game pad screen).

thanks in advance, also i cant believe it they gave me this and luigi for free in one disk :)))))))))))

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What you see on the gamepad screen depends on the game. Some games use it for the map and inventory, others use it as a second screen.

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Hehe, yeah it seems like it right? But no, it depends on the game, the gamepad for NSMBU is gonna be used for boost mode where the gamepad player can set up platforms to either help or hinder the other players

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in this game its just used so you can play with the tv off...

or to type messages on miiverse.

if you play with other people...then you can use it to make blocks appear.

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..and you can't play multi-player with the gamepad, unless you just want to make blocks appear. This is one of the weirdest and dumbest decisions Nintendo has ever made. Can't believe they still haven't patched it.