Have you got a Nintendo 3DS / 2DS ?

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Poll: Have you got a Nintendo 3DS / 2DS ? (39 votes)

Yes 92%
No 5%
Maybe next year 3%
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3DS !!

#2 Posted by trugs26 (5573 posts) -

3DS. On launch. A black one.

#3 Edited by wiifan001 (18423 posts) -

Nah, I'm waiting for the 3ds successor in 2016 or whatever and play 3ds games on that

#4 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

I highly recommend the 3DS XL its great!

#5 Posted by Litchie (16379 posts) -

The original black one. Waiting for the gold Zelda XL to come out.

#6 Posted by superbuuman (2898 posts) -

Yup the original 3DS, shiny aqua? colour ...with Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars...at launch. :P

#7 Edited by bulby_g (1134 posts) -

Yeah I've got a black 3DS. May end up getting an XL to replace it though.

#8 Posted by JML897 (33125 posts) -

Original 3ds, love it

#9 Posted by hyperjj3000 (973 posts) -

Yes i have the Animal crossing xl, the blue Fire Emblem and the pink one, i Love the 3DS! I will be having to buy another one soon because im moving countries. Region locking is the only thing i hate about nintendo!

#10 Edited by Detroit222 (5305 posts) -

The new 2DS is going on sale (Black Friday ad) at Walmarts for $99.99. I'll probably pick it up then. 3D always gives me a headache.

#11 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4770 posts) -

Still have my launch 3DS, but it's aging pretty badly because I let too many of my friends use it. Imma upgrade to Xl sometime next year.

#12 Posted by Raptor_Herc (225 posts) -

Yepper. An OG 3DS (Cosmo Black).

#13 Posted by turtlethetaffer (16791 posts) -

Yeah a Black 3DS I picked up this past summer.

#14 Posted by Madmangamer364 (3602 posts) -

Not yet, although I've been strongly considering getting one in recent days. Still, I think the price is a bit too high, especially given that there aren't a ton of games that scream "play me," even at this point. I'm kinda hoping that I can come across a Black Friday deal where I can get the system at a more appealing price and start from there.

I would have definitely picked up a 2DS if it wasn't for the fact that I can't stand the design of the thing. Would definitely live without the 3D to get the system at a cheaper price, but why Nintendo designed the system in the way they did is beyond my understanding...

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Blue 2DS

#16 Posted by EnoshimaJunko (211 posts) -

I've got a black 3DS. And I need to clean its screens sometime.

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Original Black 3DS. I got it a few weeks after OOT 3DS came out.

#18 Posted by Kenny789 (10247 posts) -

Bought an Aqua Blue 3DS a few months after launch then sold it and bought a Pikachu 3DS XL.

#19 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

Yeah I have the Pikachu 3DS XL I love it!

#20 Edited by Nintendo_Ownes7 (30917 posts) -

I have an Original 3DS I got the October after it launched and I also have a 3DS XL I got last April.

Edit* Both are Red.

#21 Edited by logicalfrank (1641 posts) -

Bought the original at launch but gave it away when I got my XL a few months after it launched. It is far and away my most played system.

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@GH05T-666: Haha! Are you dong market research? I saw your Wii U thread too :D

I have a blue aqua one, but I expect to get a Zelda golden one soon :)

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yup. i bought one to get my pokemon fix.. since realised i missed a huge pile of great games..

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#25 Posted by Twisted14 (3497 posts) -

Yep, got a black one the day of that price drop which was also a month or two before Mario Kart and 3D Land came out. Perfect price, plus the line up was starting to build up a bit.