GTA CTW Delete Saved Games?

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#1 Posted by clankman01 (3 posts) -
Apparently the EBGames manager tried out my game before I got it and saved the game, now I can't see the opening of the game, it goes straight to the saved game. Is there a way to delete that saved game or start a new game? Thanks
#2 Posted by Master-Thief-09 (2534 posts) -
Did you know he tried it out? Did he sell it as new?
#3 Posted by clankman01 (3 posts) -
I did know and no, I didn't pay full price. Can you help?
#4 Posted by Master-Thief-09 (2534 posts) -
Go to PDA > System > Delete
#5 Posted by ColdP1zza (2437 posts) -

If you didn't pay full price then a savefile being there is to be expected.. But like the guy said above me, just delete like that.

#6 Posted by clankman01 (3 posts) -
Perfect, thanks. I was expecting that function to be in the apartment. Great game btw
#7 Posted by guliver77 (1 posts) -
I have just bought a second hand copy of Chinatown wars for my DSi and I need to delete the game that's already on there but I can't seem to find out how to do it anywhere! Am I just being thick? What is PDA? The only thing that I can see is system settings, and there is nowhere to delete saved game info in there. I've looked about on the game that's already saved on it and I couldn't find a delete option anywhere. I was really looking forward to playing this game! Please help!? Thank you!
#8 Posted by goosetroop (685 posts) -

Whats is PDA?