Got my Luigi Loot at Best Buy

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Played Super Mario 3D World level 2-1 as Luigi and got my cat suit. :) Then played level 6-3 as Mario. Picked a Luigi coin after I played. Other choices were a Luigi hat, a racing flag with Mario or Luigi and a Mario coin. I watched all the demos as I waited my turn to play. They all looked great.

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Really wish they did all the demo's in the UK as well... :(


How do the games do, both as individual titles and when compared to their predessors!?

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Wish there was one within a few hours of me. Working 12 hours shifts and it being a couple hours away didn't work.
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That's awesome. I wish we had those over here in Brazil. :(

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I showed up early, but so did many others. Only 2 people tried Wind Waker. It looked beautiful. Donkey Kong had more detail than ever. Most people played Mario Kart and Super Mario 3D World.