good place to buy DS games?

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#1 Posted by runtheplacered (812 posts) -

Anyone have a particular favorite place they buy DS games? Either for selection, new prices, used prices, etc?

Just curious.

#2 Posted by Sp3aRm1nT (42 posts) -
If for some reason I have to go out I buy a game, usually a GameStop or GameCrazy. Otherwise I just use eBay or craigslist.
#3 Posted by gwarlito (1761 posts) -
Used game....Ebay, otherwise any retail store will do when getting a new title
#4 Posted by Grimmjow_J (53 posts) -
i usually go to nedgame they r always cheaper than the rest
#5 Posted by WSGRandomPerson (13693 posts) -
I got to gamestop, and wal-mart. XD
#6 Posted by Vegetaxxssj4 (1545 posts) -
I usually buy games from Wal-Mart or Gamestop for the most part.
#7 Posted by jouvjouv (158 posts) -
Ebay, craigs list, or just buy used games at gamestop.
#8 Posted by sweetsuzycsc (251 posts) -
I usually go to target or gamestop, sometimes circuit city. However be careful when buying used games at gamestop, sometimes they dont work.
#9 Posted by technofranki (1333 posts) -
Since I live in Norway, we oftenget games month after US and Japan, so I use to import games, sometimes I use eBay too.
#10 Posted by SHACKR (1226 posts) -
live in Saskatoon, so I use Next Level Game Exchange. It has a big selection of games compared to the other game places. Or else I go to EB Games or Futureshop.
#11 Posted by Zwillinge (12 posts) -
Normally at whatever store I'm closest too...usually Game Stop or Wal-mart.
#12 Posted by Whiteghost09 (460 posts) -

For DS games I always go to Best Buy. They have the best selection out there.

#13 Posted by daturkboy (130 posts) -
gamestop or best buy
#14 Posted by HelloMokona (62 posts) -

I usually go with eBay. But for retail stores I love Target. They usually have new games on sale pretty quick, and then Best Buy has a "Rewards Zone program"... which is nice if you buy there often (or online).

Used games are nice from GameStop/EB Games, the ones in my area allow you to return them within a week if you don't like the game, let alone if it doesn't work. They have pretty good guarantees, but I really hate going in there. I think it's still overpriced for a used game. They usually have the best selection of older or hard-to-find games.

#15 Posted by Hells_Hammer (972 posts) -

Since I live in Norway, we oftenget games month after US and Japan, so I use to import games, sometimes I use eBay too.technofranki

Aww, I want to live in Norway...

Anywho, It's really sad to me that kids don't get to experience the greatness of independent video game stores. When I was younger we had 3 or 4 of them around. I was always finding rare games. A few of them were even fair priced, buying and selling. I hate the thought of ebay being the only option anymore. It won't be but six months before Gamestop stops accepting PS2 games.

The only good shop I've been to lately is Game Dude in Hollywood. They have mail order service too, if you live anywhere besides LA. They used to have a webpage but last I checked it was down.

#17 Posted by Tujiaxing (126 posts) -
Ebay is a good place to buy. I also buy from other retail website too.
#18 Posted by BrunoBRS (73260 posts) -
any place that sells the game, or ebay.
#19 Posted by JAB991 (6077 posts) -
eBay, Amazon, Gamestop. Or, anywhere that's having a sale.
#20 Posted by soulless4now (41374 posts) -

I buy all my DS games from Amazon since I get them dirt cheap there, new and used.

#21 Posted by Budtin (41 posts) -

Best Buy, or Target.

#22 Posted by FunRat (970 posts) -

For new games I just go to Wel-Mart (it is close to my house :D) For used it is usually GameStop.

#23 Posted by EnergyGoose (9 posts) -
eBay, as its usually full of people who don't quite understand DS game depreciation and sell games for way less than you'd find them anywhere else :)
#24 Posted by Cruse34 (4468 posts) -

Just EB usually, sometimes Future Shop but its farther away so...

#25 Posted by Daavpuke (13769 posts) -
I get mine from local retail stores; They dump a lot of good titles for cheaper now.
#26 Posted by Waia (39 posts) -

the only place where I have ever found good games is at gamestop, i might once in a blue moon go to someplace like bestbuy. Its just really hard to track down older games this way.