Generation Deux (Finally)

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'Well, lets hope I stick to my guns for once and don't hit the reset button on the whole thing.' (Burrell, Kegan, 04/09/2013)

So after my promises to consistently update this blog, I failed in quite spectacular fashion!! But I do have a plethora of excuses regarding my lack of posts:

1) I got a hefty dose of man flu for about two weeks

2)GTA 5 was released (and subsequently GTA Online)

3)Pokemon X and Y were also released shortly afterwards

4)I don't really need any more. The last two are reason enough.

So after I have almost played enough of both those titles (stimulus package today, huzzah!!) I feel that I now have enough time on my hands to continue to delve deeper into the depths of my Pokemon obsession (Pokesession?).

It was the turn of the millennium, we had all survived Y2K and things were looking pretty good. I was still playing Pokemon Yellow religiously, even after having it for a number of years, when my cousin purchased two copies of a rather intriguing piece of literature. It was an unofficial Pokemon magazine, with info on all the games that had been released, and intel on games about to be released. This was to be the first time I had ever heard of Pokemon Gold and Silver, and also the first time I would be aware of a game before its actual release (a rarity during that era, for us kids in NZ at least).

Within this magazine there was an incomplete Pokedex of all the new Pokemon. Since information was relatively scarce, and limited to Japanese copies, some of the Pokemon only had sprites and their names, while some were lacking even an image to go by. But rather than this being a disappointment it increased my curiosity exponentially, and I had already vowed to pick Chikorita as my starter, or as I knew it at the time, Chicorita (the difference between the Japanese and English names was truly astonishing).

Amazingly, the release day completely passed me by (due to the lack of any mention of it in the hallowed magazine) and I was still waiting patiently for news of when it would be released over here when my mum came into my room one afternoon after school holding a very special box. Upon this box was a legendary Pokemon I had only seen in sprite form, and very briefly during the first episode of the Pokemon anime series. As me and Ho-Oh stared at each other I think I stopped breathing for a while, before finally snapping to my senses, grabbing the box amid a flurry of thankyous, and whacking it in my Gameboy Pocket. Upon which I barely put it down for months, even sneaking it to school every now and then to obtain a Steelix and Slowking.

Even though I never played it in colour that didn't faze me one bit, all the new Pokemon, the new features, the new world, new gyms, RED GYARADOS, all of it had me completely enchanted. And then when I clocked the game and discovered you could re-explore Kanto all over again it was my first ever experience of a game dabbling in nostalgia, and I loved it just as much.

Even though the new Kanto seemed to carry with it this strange, almost melancholy feeling about it, and the final battle with Red made me feel quite sad, it almost felt as though this was it, this would be the end of Pokemon. But that didn't stop me from playing it over and over again, trying out almost every single Pokemon you could get your hands on. I even ignored the release of Pokemon Crystal, which wasn't all that great loss for me at that stage.

After Gold, and the feeling that this was the end of an era for me, Pokemon started to fade from my life. That, coupled with me dropping my Gameboy Pocket onto the floor from the top of a bunk bed meant that I was completely unable to continue playing this wonderful game.

Which is why, a couple of years later, the release of alternative methods of play, and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, would catch me completely by surprise, and what a welcome surprise it would turn out to be!!

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Nice memories! I actually did a blog about my history with Poke'mon last week or so. You are welcome to check it out if you'd like.

My time with Silver was limited, and even my time with HeartGold wasn't what it could have been. I still think I probably owe all of the main series games another look. But X and Y seem like the best addition yet. I'm really looking forward to checking them out.

Just a heads-up, I'm not sure if it's against forum rules to discuss emulators and Roms here. It can probably stay on your blog, but at least here I'd alter that part!

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Nice read, sorry to hear about your Gameboy Pocket though! D: I am also going to do a personal history with the series, although I think I'll focus more on the worlds themselves, since I don't think they ever get enough attention when talking about the games.

for me, Crystal was the first one i played. It was awesome; I though the developers had released one copy of the game where you could go to Kanto and I was that lucky guy. It really took me by surprise.

Sadly, that file was deleted after a while since it wasn't technically mine. Thankfully, I picked up Sapphire a few years after it was released, and, since then, I've gotten one game in each set (ie I have Emerald now since I gave Sapphire to my sis when I transferred all my guys. I have Firered, Pearl, Heartgold, White, White 2 and Y). We'll see about the future of the series... I might just stick with what I've got from now on. But damned if it didn't provide some awesome times for me and my friends (and it will continue to do so).

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I was just thinking the same thing about Kanto in Silver. It's strangely depressing.

Anyways it's one of my all time favorite games. I had a file with 249 of 251 in my pokedex (missing celebi and mew) and like 20+ lvl 100s which i accidently deleted. I started a new file (wasn't going to save,) but I did the duplicating trick and ended up overwriting my file