Funnest Wii game so Far

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#1 Posted by MartWii (54 posts) -

What does everyone think the best Wii game is to date?

#2 Posted by MarioFanatic (6153 posts) -
legend of zelda twilight princess
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legend of zelda twilight princessMarioFanatic
Agreed. Can't even explain it.
#4 Posted by msteryx (12734 posts) -
WarioWare is the best.
#5 Posted by l8bitz (3251 posts) -
Is Funnest a word? Legend of Zelda for sure, so far. I've yet to see anything else to be excited for.
#6 Posted by greenneil4 (2041 posts) -
The best game is zelda
#7 Posted by spike6958 (5042 posts) -
Zelda is fun but gets fustating because of how long you have to wait between each dungeon
#8 Posted by jirouxni (447 posts) -
zelda, but I haven't played warioware yet
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I've had more fun with Wii sports than anything else. But Super Swing Golf, Wario Ware, are really fun as well. Not saying these are the best games I've played, but I've had the most fun with them.
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Is Funnest a word? Legend of Zelda for sure, so far. I've yet to see anything else to be excited for.l8bitz

Nope. It's "most fun". But considering how offen people say Funnest we might as well just add it into our vocabulary.

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legend of zelda twilight princessMarioFanatic
#12 Posted by spazmaticmof0 (1406 posts) -
Blur is the most fun game out for the Wii IMO.
#13 Posted by cujo94 (2 posts) -
zelda definately
#14 Posted by socem007 (242 posts) -
Sonic and the secret rings
#15 Posted by Libralesso (576 posts) -
Zelda but really its hard to pin anything up against that game so if Zelda were not on the Wii than Sonic
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Well since the most obvious is Zelda; I'm gonna go with the second "funnest" as you so lovingly put it, which is Excite Truck :D
#17 Posted by 99skylinegtr (2123 posts) -
probably warioware
#18 Posted by murat8 (10358 posts) -
Zelda was fun but I dont like one player games so ill go with Wii Sports(Bowling)
#19 Posted by cluelesspunk (1462 posts) -
WarioWare by far
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best one is Rayman raving rabits.

#21 Posted by blueteeth (1158 posts) -

well ur asking funnest not best

the best is zelda and if u dont know that i feel sad 4 u

the funnest i dont know maybe wii sports

#22 Posted by Optusnet (11066 posts) -
Excite Truck is the probably the best.
#23 Posted by m_machine024 (15127 posts) -

Without a doubt, SSX Blur.

#24 Posted by SOAD760 (3 posts) -
the games so far i would have to say either zelda TP or call of duty 3 these are just my thoughts on your question
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The Legend of Zelda: The Twillight Princess.
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im not even gonna lie.. i have only played 3 wii games, red steel, loz tp, and wii sports.. my fave so far is loz tp
#28 Posted by GunSmith1_basic (9884 posts) -
excite truck
#29 Posted by hattyporter (172 posts) -
wii sports by far as the "funnest", but best game is zelda.
#30 Posted by Kikouken (15913 posts) -
Ahh why does everyone say Zelda still? Now I think it's SSX Blur. I'm happy I bought it.
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Don't laugh but I think Rayman Raving Rabbids was great. Mind you I do only have 3 other games.:(
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#33 Posted by Duckman5 (18934 posts) -
I thought he said "Funniest" not "Funnest" (Which isn't a word) Yeah Zelda.
#34 Posted by 007007007007 (87 posts) -
Excite Truck :twisted:
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#36 Posted by toadster101 (12622 posts) -
"Funnest"? Wario Ware.
#37 Posted by p1mptazt1k (191 posts) -
wii sports (boxing) I love beating the crap outta my friend's miis
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#39 Posted by -Jeremy- (2371 posts) -
Legend Of Zelda TP.
#40 Posted by Buffy2525 (161 posts) -
Rayman Raving Rabbids is really fun. The bunnies are crazy! :)
#41 Posted by black_steel_4u (904 posts) -

the funnest wii game so far....

well i have loz, exite truck, red steel wario ware and ssx blur.

ssx is realy fun i played this game 2 weeks strait. i still have a lot of fun with wii sports and exite truck. wario got a little boring im tired of people calling me weird. lol           SSX BLUR  AND Wii PLAY FUNNEST

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WarioWare it previews a lot were hopefuly going to be able to do with the wii mote and i give it a 10!!!!!!!
#44 Posted by dfnj123 (1988 posts) -
WHAT about the RABBITS

#45 Posted by KJAX90 (8809 posts) -
Excite Truck and Zelda.
#46 Posted by CLeRKSfan4life (2606 posts) -

Wii Sports and Red Steel. They're both fun, but in totally different ways.

Like, hitting a tennis ball is fun but so is shooting an unsuspecting enemy right in the back of the head. Well, that along with real time weapon change.

#47 Posted by drzz (126 posts) -
Zelda is the best game in terms of quality. But if you want good multiplayer Wario Ware, Rayman, and Excite Truck are the most fun to play with a pal.
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Well, yeah everyone loves Zelda.... so do I, its a great game. Has anyone tried Sonic and the Secret Rings yet??? Carbon isn't bad either...:o Yet but definately, Zelda is the number 1 game for the Wii at this point... 

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WHAT about the RABBITS

I am thinking on funniest like two definitions, I think like this: Most fun playing it (aka best game): Zelda Funniest game: Rayman Raving Rabbids. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!
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wii sports has had me hooked zelda is a awesome game though/.