Fire emblem awakening bug (major to gameplay) help

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I recently obtained fire emblem awakening from best buy, it was a non-download copy. The game was quite fun at first, but then i noticed some bugs in it. Sometimes the map is not not rendered correctly which isn't a huge problem. But what is OFTEN the game would freeze on loading screens. This was a very common occurence, i found myself saving after each phase of battle so i wouldn't lose as much progress. So i took the game back, but best buy was out of non-download copies. So i purchased a download copy. The map glitch is no longer there, but the freezing bug is. And it is still very common. So what's up? It's happened with two different versions of the game, and no where on the internet does it seem anyone else is having this problem. Can anyone help? Should i return said 3DS and get new since a graphics card might be busted? Sorry if this isn't the right place to put this thread, I don't usually go on the forums.
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plz help
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Contact Nintendo dude.... that should be your first instinct. What are some forum dwellers going to do to help on a 3DS they can't even examine themselves?

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I haven't had any issues nor heard of any of others. Sorry you are having them though. I would contact Nintendo on this one then. Are you having issues with any other games? Maybe it's a 3DS issue and not this game? I dunno.
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Since no one has your kind of problem, it's a faulty chip, so contact the retailer or Nintendo.
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Been playing for 40 hours and have not come across any bugs. The only thing that has happened to me is the game restarting. But that is me after I lost some one. Start, left, and right bumper is the only way.
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Sounds like it's probably the 3DS that's causing the issue. I've been playing Awakening for about 30 hours and haven't noticed any problems so far.