Fifa Demo in the Eshop now

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As well as the Nintendo Direct video from the 5th of this month. Just a heads up that demos are a Go.

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I was gonna try it but the like 1300 MB would kill my Internet
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As I scrolled through the forums, I read this topic as "Fire" instead of "Fifa" and immediately thought "Oh snap, Fire Emblem's got a demo? Hell yes!" I am disappointed with myself. :(
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Soccer games are so boring.
#5 Posted by Sepewrath (28734 posts) -
I'm looking forward to the Rayman Legends demo.
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Isn't there a rayman demo coming this week? Anyone know what day?
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I played the Rayman demo to death in the store already. I can wait on that. I don't really like soccer games. I was just informing people that it was there.
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Rayman demo is Thursday...although we have been fooled before

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Where are you located, TC?

The FIFA demo's been up for a week and a half down under.