Favorite single card download play?

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#1 Posted by xpitch (37 posts) -

My friends and I have recently gotten really into the single card capabilities of Mario Party DS, and I was just wondering if anyone else pays attention to whether or not a game has single card download play? If so, what are all you guy's favorite games for it?


#2 Posted by furior_celtica (100 posts) -
I like either Super Mario 64 or New Super Mario Bros for the minigames
#3 Posted by JF-WiiBox58 (17 posts) -
mario kart, metroid prime, and elite beat agents are all great single player games that me and my friends feel are awesome for single card play aswell. We usually played one of these everday in studyhall. My personal favorite: mario kart
#4 Posted by JAB991 (6077 posts) -
Call of Duty 4's single card download play was really good. I wish it had WiFi play so I could play multiplayer even when I'm all in my lonesome.
#5 Posted by AsadMahdi59 (6540 posts) -

super mario 64, nsmb and mph.

#6 Posted by Ruhdezee (975 posts) -
new super mario bros and CODMW4
#7 Posted by Rooster44 (61 posts) -
Tetris is my favorite.
#8 Posted by Pro-Styler (301 posts) -
M:PH and Mario Kart are probably some of the best single card play games Out there in the present
#9 Posted by mischief139 (8 posts) -

Mario kart, Sonic rush, New Super Mario bros and either of the Zelda DS games have all got pretty good single card play. :)