fast way to get budew to evolve?

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does anyone no any tricks or tips to help me evole it
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OK... the thing I do is 1. Give it about 5 or 10 power ups (HPUP, Calcium etc.) 2. Give it oneRare Candy (they're rare so don't splash out lol) 3. Get a massage from the lady in Pastoria and 4. Train it up one or two levels in the first Route.

When battling with it, leave it on the top of your team surrounded by other Pokemon that love you, then, battl with it but don't let the HP bar go red, or even yellow.

Or you can do what I did to get that added Happiness boost, go to the Resort Area with a Pokemon that has 10 ribbons on it and then they let you in, they are willing to give you a "better" massage also once a day.

Sorry if this doesn't help :)

If not... you can always catch a Roselia (but I don't like catching Pokemon straight away lol)

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You can do happiness based evolutions by cycling up and down cycle road for a while, while making the pokemon hold a soothe bell. That's the cheapest solution, and therefore my favourite. It's not exactly quick though... just not very work intensive.