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#1 Posted by xsandersx (2 posts) - kinda noob so please bear with son recently updated his dsi xl to version 1.4.5 and he can not play his pokemon black version on the handheld was workin fine before the update but now he just gets the error message turn off blah blah screen everytime he starts the game..hope i can get some insight on how to make this work.. thanks guys!
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I've never heard of anything like that before. Unless he's running Pokemon as a ROM off of a flashcart, which is illegal, in which case Nintendo blocks those with each update. I'm assuming that's not the case though.

I have Pokemon White version and updated my DSi to 1.4.5 just to test it. It still works for me. You may want to check that that card isn't damaged and try other DS games in the system. If other games work, it's that one game. If other games don't work you should contact Nintendo to see if they can repair it.

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tried the game in another system and it works. but, when i put it in my son's dsi xl, it recognizes the game in dsi menu but when i click on it, im stuck with the error message. i'll try other games and see if it does work. i think nintendo support is non-existent here in the philippines..:( thanks anyway!:)