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I just bought a 3DS, i am looking for some good games to get for it, i never had a DS or 3DS, so everything is new to me. I like just about any kind of game.

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Oh wow. You are in for a good time man. Let me start off with my favorite DS game of all time. Nobody else is probably going to say it even though it's very acclaimed but I've been playing this game again and it's taking up hours of my life: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Moving on, here are some more Castlevania Order of Ecclesia Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Super Mario 64 DS Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Pokemon Platinum Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Pokemon Black/White Pokemon Black 2/White 2 Brothers in Arms DS The World Ends With You 999 Ghost Trick Phantom Detective Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Dragon Quest IX Mario Kart DS Mario and Luigi Partners in Time Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Mario vs Donkey Kong Super Scribblenauts Rhythm Heaven Kirby's Squeak Squad Kirby's Canvas Curse Kirby's Mass Attack Kirby's Star (something something) Advanced Wars Days of Ruin Advanced Wars Dual Strike Pokemon Conquest New Super Mario Bros Mario Party DS WarioWare Touched! Metroid Prime Hunters Yoshi's Island DS Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Final Fantasy III Final Fantasy IV FInal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Professor Layton and the -Curious Village -Diabolical Box -Unwound Future -Last Spectre Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon Hotel Dusk 215 Elite Beat Agents That's all the quality ones I can think of.
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residents evil revelations

Proffesor layton and the mircale mask

Mario kart 7

Kid Icarus uprising

Zelda OOT 3D


All the pokemon games