Does Nintendo still make Wii's that play GameCube games?

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#1 Posted by DazedDarkness (2261 posts) -

My Wii broke over the summer, and I'm a collector of consoles. I have all Nintendo consoles and I want to have them all in working condition. Problem is, I don't want to buy a Wii without the GC compatability. So does anyone know if they still sell them? Or are they just the models that lack the ability to run gamecube games?

#2 Posted by Jaysonguy (37770 posts) -

They haven't for a couple years now.

Just have Nintendo repair your Wii, it'll be about 70 bucks.

#3 Posted by meetroid8 (21140 posts) -
Nintendo doesn't, but you can find them second hand at various online retailers.
#4 Posted by JustPlainLucas (74462 posts) -

The black Wii I bought last year plays GC games... :?