Does anyone know which n64 controller this one is?

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It's the Jungle Green controller. Sold in a bundle with a Jungle Green console with Donkey Kong 64. Or sold individually in the Funtastic line of transparent controllers.

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@trugs26: I don't think it's the jungle green one. Jungle green is a lot darker than this one, check this link

I am thinking it is the "etreme green" one, which is shown in this

What do ya'll think, am I right? Is it the Extreme Green?

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@marc32123: Good point. It does look like the one in your picture. I haven't seen/heard of that before.

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I have one of those. I don't remember what it's called, though.

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I own both the Jungle Green Nintendo 64 as well as 2 Jungle Green controllers.

Yours appears to be a much lighter green than the controllers I own as well as the console.

You sir do not have a jungle green N64 controller, you have a rarer controller it seems. I wish I could offer more information but I cannot unfortunately. But don't let anyone tell you it's your average jungle green n64 controller.

Great find!

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Yeah that's Extreme Green. I believe Toys R Us had a limited run of those controllers being bundled with the console back in the day if I'm not mistaken. I know I wanted one but wasn't about to buy another N64 just to get that controller because Toys R Us refuse to sell it separately....