DLC question from a brand new 3DS owner

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#1 Posted by drummer131 (3210 posts) -

Can 3DS owners buy and download DLC yet? I haven't really heard anything about it except that I know Japan already can (no surprise there).

I'm just worried NA gamers won't have access to the boatloads of Theatrhythm DLC. The game doesn't come out until the beginning of July, so maybe by then they'll have it set up and ready to go (if it's not already)?

#2 Posted by Spinnerweb (2928 posts) -
Currently after today's update the 3DS can get only patches; as far as I know it can't get DLC yet (and there isn't any available anyway... except in Japan like you said). Don't worry; by the time DLC-enabled games come out there's bound to be an update that lets us download DLC, and of course we'll get the Theatrhythm DLC, they can't keep it from us and get away with it and Square Enix isn't Capcom either :P
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Not that I know of, but I live in the US and we get everything after everyone else does. We do get Spotpass and Streetpass, which is kinda like DLC, but as far as actual "DLC" there's nothing yet.