Diddy Kong confirmed for upcoming Smash Bros.

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#1 Posted by mario-galaxys (594 posts) -

This is to let everyone know that Diddy Kong has been confirmed to appear in the upcoming Smash Bros.

#2 Posted by Ovirew (6241 posts) -

Heeeeeyo, look out down beeelow.

Here he comes, banana-slamma.

Oooh, Diddy Kong!*

#3 Edited by Smashbrossive50 (2876 posts) -

I think I'm going to lose hope over this monkey,he should've been replaced by Cranky instead.

#4 Posted by Dennysinny (246 posts) -

@Smashbrossive50: or how about all the characters of donkey kong ? then everyone will be happy..... sigh

#5 Posted by KBFloYd (12727 posts) -

i hope they buff him up..

because he sucked in brawl....

#6 Posted by Pierst179 (10680 posts) -

I liked using him in Brawl.

I am starting to wonder where in the world Ness is. He has always been my "main".

I wonder if there is NoA conspiracy to remove him from the game to try and make North American gamers forget about the Mother franchise so that they can stop asking for a Mother 3 localization. =P

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@dennysinny: nah, just bring in Cranky,I want to see that "Yoda" vibe flowing through the game

#8 Posted by FFCYAN (4922 posts) -

I'd rather play as Dixie. The other poster is right, Diddy needs to be buffed for this version.

#9 Posted by darkspineslayer (19349 posts) -

@KBFloYd: You sucked using him in Brawl. I actually quite enjoyed using him.

Never really took over main duties from Samus, Marth, Mario or occasionally Sonic....but I had a lot of luck with him.