Devil's Third has Onlime Multiplayer. (Video)

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Some of you may of already known. But I didn't know at all.

Ehhh, It looks pretty cool. I'd play it. Not sure about $60, but I think I'd bite. Plus I'd like to see more 3rd Party exclusives on Wii U. It looks like it needs a bit more polish though.

If you havent't seen it, here is the story mode trailer.

Hard to believe this is a Nintendo exclusive. (Not an IP, just an exclusive)

What do you think? Would you buy/play it?

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Yes buying it..tho mainly for *giggles* ..its like Ninja Gaiden..its a game that I will be playing on "easy" mode. :P

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if this doesnt support the not buying.

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Eh. The game doesn't look very interesting.

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Multiplayer looks like fun, the the game as a whole looks meh. I'll get it, but not for $60.

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but how do we play "on limes"

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I was initially excited for this game when it was first announced on the PS3 and 360, but now, I'm not so sure. I hope it's good but I can't help but feel like it's missing something.

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I have no problem with this. It seems like pretty thorough multiplayer.

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Limes are delicious.

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it looks fun, I like that you're not a gun the whole time

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That watermelon mode looks really fun and customizable maps are cool. The campaign seems really meh and cliche, but I think I can live with it. My biggest gripe are the visuals, but I'm sure those will improve over time. As of right now, I wouldn't buy it. I want to support more 3rd party devs, but not out of pity. I'll keep myself optimistic and hope to see a much more impressive product in 2015.

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Gonna be a fun game. Will buy at 20 bucks

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Onlime sounds tasty.

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@superbuuman: Yes buying it..tho mainly for *giggles* ..its like Ninja Gaiden..its a game that I will be playing on "easy" mode. :P

I think I know what your talking about...Like Dead or Alive? lol.

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@KBFloYd said:

if this doesnt support the not buying.

I'm borderline in the same boat as you with this however, I may just run around and melee people if it doesn't. Just not shoot the gun at all. Hopefully it does in fact support pointer controls though as that would be perfect for me as far as the aiming and precision when in first person view.

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@pikachudude860: The graphics do look like they can definitely use more polish but besides that the multi-player looks really fun. For those who are into multi-player games on the Wii U this should be a no brainer. I do not like the straight FPS so this has a good mix of hand-to-hand, gun and sword gameplay. Plus we gotta support 3rd parties guys. They seem like they put a lot of time into this game. It's an interesting concept. Games have to differ from the usual COD formula.