Could Japan help increase the Wii U's global sales?

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Now here me out.

Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2 may not be really big "killer app" system sellers over here...But what about in Japan? They could do better over in Japan than they could do in America...And the rest of the world. Plus Japan has Fatal Frame 5.

I realized last night that the Wii U has only sold 1.85 milion units in Japan.

I thought I read somewhere that gaming in Japan isn't what it used to be...I dunno. But I do know this;

Hyrule Warriors is coming out August 14th..In Japan. Doesn't Japan have a big fan base for the Warriors games? I'm sure they love Zelda over there too. Hyrule Warriors could be a meduim to pretty big system seller over there.

Plus Bayonetta 2 is coming out September 20th. And Fatal Frame 5 is coming out Septmber 27th. That is a good steady release flow of games.

Japan also has Super Smash Bros. for Wii U coming sometime soon over there, maybe Devils Third as well.

I believe those are all games that can appeal to Japanese gamers...I guess. I know they'd appeal to them more than COD would, that's for sure. lol.

What do you think? If they sell pretty good over there that would increase the Wii U's global install base.

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I'd also like to state that games like Yokai Watch 2, Yoshi's new Island and Mario Kart 8 are still selling over there. Games I've never heard of like Corpse Party: Blood Drive and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines are also selling well over there.

According to VGChartz anyway.

I think these new Wii U games will do pretty good over there. The questin is, will they help increase the Wii U's install base? Maybe they'll help out for Christmas? We will see. Only time will tell.

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If it's not on a handheld, Japan doesn't seem to care. Console gaming is dead in Japan, so I don't think Nintendo can count on them to increase Wii U's global sales much.

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@starwolf474: Thing about it is, the Wii U's install base is already decently high over there.

I don't expect it to sell TONS or anything. But I believe it could act as an...extra..."push" or...a "bonus" to the sales in other areas.

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I swear to God, stop with the fanboy stuff

Bayonetta failed in Japan in a huge way. It was supposed to sell more than every other region and sold less than half of the US sales.

Zelda sells horribly over in Japan

Dynasty Warriors does nest in Japan but even that's not worth mentioning with half a million considered the gold standard.

Stop with the fairytales, stop with your nonsense, stop with being an annoying fanboy.

The only thing that may push console sales over there is Smash Bros, everything else being released there is only going to be bought by the people who already have the consoles.

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Take the information posted on VGChartz with buckets of salt. They're not very reliable. Japan is a handheld-centric region. Home consoles don't sell that great over there. I don't think Japan is going to make a huge difference in the console's lifetime sales. All numbers matter, but the bulk of Wii U sales are probably going to be in NA.

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@Jaysonguy: Bayonetta failed in Japan in a huge way. It was supposed to sell more than every other region and sold less than half of the US sales.

Look at the difference between those two games. One was a random no-name 3rd party game for two systems with a sea of other 3rd party games. This is a 3rd party exclusive on a system with a pond of other 3rd party games. (Not too many 3rd party games) And it's published by one of Japan's renown publishers. The second one has a much better chance of purchase than the first one.

Zelda sells horribly over in Japan

You may be right about that. I didn't even know that. However, with this being a Warriors spin off game, it may sell differently compared to the core Zelda games. Time will tell...

Dynasty Warriors does nest in Japan but even that's not worth mentioning with half a million considered the gold standard.

....Not sure what a "Gold Standard" is exactly...

Why am I an annoying fanboy? is it because I'm optimistic and believe in change? What do you think that no matter what game comes out, the Wii U will always be the same? I don't know a whole lot about Japanese gamers, that's why I asked the question.

Do I think that these games will sell TONS of consoles? No. But I'm saying that It may, perhaps, help bost the global a little bonus to the sales in other areas.

Some times you just need to think outside the box. Just because something is the same now doesn't mean it always will be.

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@YearoftheSnake5: I've heard about them not being very reliable. Do you know any sites that are? I think they can be pretty accurate with the platform totals.

I may not make a HUGE difference...That's not what I'm trying to say. The Wi U has, supposedly, sold a bit more in Japan than it has in Europe. (1.85 vs 1.50) If Japanese gamers weren't at all interested in home consoles I don't think that the Wii U would of sold as much as it already has. Perhaps if Japanese gamers had a real reason to buy a console, (enough games that interest them), they would.

I dunno know though. Maybe your right. But as I stated, I think anything is possible these days. You never know.

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@Jaysonguy: @pikachudude860: It's good having you both on the Nintendo board. We have a negative nancy and a deluded optimist. Previously it was just negativity, but now we have the positive to balance things out.

The Nintendo board has become a little bipolar, but it's better than being completely abysmal.

On topic: Yes this will increase sales, but it won't be a "boost". You can't depend on the Japanese market for console gaming. Sure things could change in the future, but I don't see a niche title like Bayonetta or a spin-off Dynasty Warriors game changing this.

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I recommend going by the sales number articles on Gamespot and Wikipedia's Wii U sales section. With the latter, you can find a link directly to a sales report from Nintendo. Always check other sources to verify vgchartz. Even if they're right, reference another source. In the System Wars forum, you'll get a lot of 'lolvgchartz' comments for citing them.

You're right, it does have a leg up in Japan. Things might be different this time around. Maybe Japan will play a big role in the Wii U's lifetime sales. It's still a bit early in the game, so I suppose it's possible.

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It'll help console sales, but it won't drastically boost them. I believe an exclusive Monster Hunter or Dragon Quest title are the only games that have the potential to significantly increase Wii U sales in Japan. Handhelds are completely dominating that country.

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Wish Wii U was region had Kamen Rider Battride War 2 (JPN only)!!! another musou style game with Kamen Rider...seems I will have to get the PS3 version. :P

Hyrule Warriors will probably do well in Japan. Bayonetta 2 probably not eventhough I hope it does.

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wiiu sells about 10k units a week. thats 40k a month. which is 480k a year.

which means japan will not save the wiiU.....there has to be a game that makes the wiiU sell more than the 3ds to make a difference.

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@YearoftheSnake5 said:


Hate would mean I care.

I don't care either way. If it does poorly it means I'm right (as I have been since the Wii launched) or if it does well I have stuff to play.

This idea that I hate Nintendo or it's games defies logic, seems like a good crutch people use for me being right all the time.

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@Jaysonguy said:

Hate would mean I care.

If you didn't care, you wouldn't bother posting so much. You'd just ignore the thread.

I hate to say this, but the Wii U's goose is cooked. I love Nintendo and enjoy the Wii U (shoot, I'm genuinely looking forward to Hyrule Warriors and Captain Toad), but we're just about 2 years into the lifespan of the system. That's almost it's halfway point, especially considering how low it's sold. I can't imagine that there are still millions of people that want a Wii U but are holding out for some reason. I believe Nintendo will sell a few more million, but I'd be surprised if it reaches 20. The inevitable price drop will push a good number of systems, as well as Zelda and Smash Bros.

The only miracle I'd hope for is that they release EVERY franchise on the Wii U, including Pokemon. And I'm sure I've read that Nintendo said a proper Pokemon game would never be on a console. I'd say its time to break that rule. But maybe the combination of Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero, Star Tropics, and Earthbound would add up to a noticeable amount of console sales. But even as I'm typing this, I'm saying "yea, right, like all these games would ever happen..."

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No. Just let the poor thing die in peace...

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@trugs26: Thank you. I don't mean to sound like somebody who's spewing nonsense, but I believe that there are plenty of..."Possibilities" out there. Time will tell which ones happen.

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@YearoftheSnake5: Thank you very much. I'll have to try those places out. (I never even knew that Wikipedia had the sales numbers)

You're right, it does have a leg up in Japan. Things might be different this time around. Maybe Japan will play a big role in the Wii U's lifetime sales. It's still a bit early in the game, so I suppose it's possible.

It could...I think. The only reason I even brought this up is because I believe that those three game have to potential to be more popular with people over there in Japan than people over here America. (Though Bayonetta has a fanbase over here..)

@ANIMEguy10034: @superbuuman: @KBFloYd: I agree. I don't think that Japan will help Wii U sales boost or "Save" the Wii U. However, I'm just saying that those games I mentioned could have a large appeal with the Japanese gamers over there. Therefore could give Wii U sales a little push. which could help with sales in other places. That's all. Nothing HUGE.