Connecting to a username/password wifi network

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#1 Posted by chiefwigie (14 posts) -
Is it possible for the DS to connect to a wireless network that requires a user-name and password. For instance, at college, in order to use the wifi on my laptop I need to enter a user-name and password in a browser before the internet will work. How can I access a network setup like this? I know how to do the WEP Key stuff...but not user-names and passwords. Any help?
#2 Posted by BradMaster (4819 posts) -
I dont think you can conect to that type of conection, I tried at my school and it didnt worked.
#3 Posted by primitive013 (1422 posts) -
It only supports WEP. What kills me is the Wii supports WPA and WEP, but hte DS on supports WEP... wtf.