Chrono Trigger: How do you beat Lavos' final form?

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#1 Posted by Kyle903 (10 posts) -

In the fight against the final form of Lavos, where there are three parts, I know that the right part is the main one and the one that needs to be defeated, the middle part is the one with the strongest attack and the left part is the one with the lowest health and heals the middle part. I also know that magic attacks do not affect the left part and that I need to use physical attacks. The strategies that I've used so far are using Chrono's Frenzy attack on the left part twice to defeat it and then use Luminaire to attack the remaining two parts, while I heal with a dual tech for my other two characters. This seems like the most logical thing to do to me, but I always end up losing and since it takes so long its not really something I want to experiment with over and over. So if anyone could tell me the strategies they've used to beat Lavos it would be appreciated.

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Fully focus all efforts on the one that revives. Then middle, then left.
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Well, the basic idea is just leveling up more, maybe you have to do the side-quest or didn`t level up enough? I recomend doing the side-quests if you didn`t. They reveal a good plot of the story. Also Lavos is quite easy... really. If you are at a mininum of level 47 and have the best equipments that you can find on the side-quests or even at the world map, you can beat it pretty easily.

Also you`re using the right main strategy Chrono with frenzy/luminaire works well. However, if you`re at a low level, it might be better giving something to boost Robo sp defense and use him as your main healer, since he has the ability to heal everyone, that would leave you with another free attacker, instead of having to spawn dual healing techs. Also if you`re going with robo, keep in mind that you might needto have another character use a hi-potion or elixir in case your hp or mp is dropping too much.

Here are some points for each character:

Chrono -> gold stud, spawn frenzy and luminaire, nothing else.

Frog -> He works better as an healer, through he has somewhat low MP. Also if you`re risking on him to attack, use double techs.

Marle -> Haste works very well with slow characters, basically cast haste on marle so u can speed her up and then cast on everyone, alternating to the need of healing. Marle + Frog gives good dual healing techs. Also Marle + Ayla gives some pretty powerful area techs (ice cube/toss)

Robo -> Pretty much, if you have him, his role should be healing, since he can heal everyone.

Magus -> Similar to Chrono, spawn dark matter if you have it. Barrier is also a good idea.

Lucca -> Pretty much the same. Spawn the most powerful magic.

Ayla -> Do i need to say? Triple kick.... (ice cube/toss with marle can be a good and more cheap idea, MP wise).

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Ignore the left bit and focus on the middle. Once the middle falls go all out on the right bit. Just keep yourself healed and you should be fine. I usually use Crono, Frog, and Lucca. Have Crono spam Frenzy while wearing the gold stud, and have Frog heal, and attack according to my health situation, and have Lucca support either attacking or healing accordingly. Once the middle falls, I continue with frenzy on the right bit and start casting flare with Lucca, and heal to the max with Frog then follow up with leap slash. I reccomend Gold Studs for Crono and Lucca, and the Campion Badge with Frog, MP conservation is the name of the game, you don't want to have to restore mp every two or three turns.

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If I remember correctly, all I did was spam Crono's Luminaire and Magus' Dark Matter while keeping Robo on healing duties.
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I used Crono, Ayla and Robo. First I used falcon strike on all three parts, then used my strongest tecks (Frenzy, Triple kick, robo punch) on the right part until it died. I was level 60-65 mind you.

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I used Chrono, Ayla, and Frog. I actually defeated Lavos about 5 minutes ago, funny enough. What I did was attack the left pod, and then once it said the defense was lowered, I used the 3-D attack triple tech on the right part. I also had Frog healing every other round. Once I killed the right pod, the other parts died as well.

Edit: My characters were all around level 60-64, I believe.

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Thanks for the help everyone, I actually just beat Lavos. All of my characters were at level 51-53 and I used Crono, Marle and Frog. I took out the left part with Crono's Frenzy and attacked the right part with Crono's Luminaire, Marle/Frog's Glacial Freeze and Crono/Marle/Frog's Frost Arc, while healing with Marle/Frog's Double Cure (and Megalixir when I also needed to restore MP). The middle portion eventually died off from the Luminaire attack, but I never really attacked it directly. It was pretty easy on this try because I leveled my character's up 1 or 2 levels during the side quests while also finding additional items like meiaman suggested. But good to hear everyone else's strategies too.