Chris "2 GC duct taped together" Hecker gets Wii U Dev kit

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#1 Posted by FireEmblem_Man (9146 posts) -

With a guy that has graphics a high priority, I'm surprised that he's working on a game and testing it out on the Wii U

BTW, here is his game


Give thanks to lockNES from GoNintendo for the image

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Can you say "trolling," 'cause that's certainly what that screenshot appears to be. I never really had a problem with the guy's statement about the Wii to begin, as it was just clear that his philosophy didn't mesh with what Nintendo was trying to do, so no loss. I'd been more insulted if he tried to make a point by making a horrible game on the Wii, which is what this is looking like from a first impression point of view.

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trolling that looks worst then a ps1 game if wii was two gcs taped together it should still look better then that and if hes talking about wiiu god have mercy on his sole

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Chris Hecker is two buttholes duct taped together and no one should pay attention to him.
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Why does anyone care what that guy thinks..? The guy is irrelevant:?

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Who is this guy?