can i use any SD card with my wii to store games on?

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hey guys im looking at two SD cards right says its for the wii and the other doesnt say anything...the thing is the one for the wii is like 12 bucks for a GB of memory and the other is 3 bucks for 2gb...both as sandisk....which one to are the links for both

thats the wii one

this is the non wii one..

thanks for the help guys

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Both should work. But just so you know, you cant actually play games off of the SD cards, you would need to transfer them to the Wii to play.
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The wii one is just a normal sd card all that is special about it is that it has a sticker that says wii on it.
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There is absolutely no difference between them except 1 says Nintendo on it.

Go with the cheaper one!

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Also, only 2 gigs or lower
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Also, only 2 gigs or lowerair_wolf_cubed

wait what? are you saying i cant get an SD card bigger than 2 gigs?

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[QUOTE="air_wolf_cubed"]Also, only 2 gigs or lowerIronre5

wait what? are you saying i cant get an SD card bigger than 2 gigs?

if you want to use them with your Wii
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the way larger capacity sd cards store memory isn't compatable with the way wii stores and retrievs data. I bought an SD which was obviosly the same exact one as the wii one, but 20 bucks less.
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Your best bet is a 2GB microSD card with SD card adapter.
These are cheaper than normal SD cards because they are so popular in mobile phones now.
I found a 2GB micro+adapter for 14 euro in a common shop.
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any SD card works, as long as it respects the wii limit of 2GB. so the SD with 2GB and no wii tag works