Can I unlock two MK8 vouchers on the same Wii U?

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Hey there I got a few questions that I just really need an answer for.

I really want to know if I can buy two copies of Mario Kart 8, and unlock the vouchers on two different users on the same Wii U.
I would also like to know if user "1" unlocks Monster Hunter (Example), can user "2" and "3" also play that game?
If a user unlocks a game for example Monster Hunter. Would the game still be available on that account if the user is moved to another Wii U? Or will the game stick the the original Wii U it was redeemed on.


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You can't redeem multiple copies of the same games on Club Nintendo.

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Also, games are tied to the hardware, so you can't download that game on another console, even with the same account, unless you've cleared it with Nintendo, which means the first WiiU is revoked of those licenses and they're moved to the second one.

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So you're saying you have two Club Nintendo codes for Mario Kart. And you would like one profile in your Wii U to use one voucher to redeem Monster Hunter and a second profile in the same Wii U to redeem Wii Party U, for example?

Well, it's possible to redeem each code from unique Club Nintendo accounts. So, say you have two profiles, Player 1 and Player 2. You should be able to redeem the code from Club Nintendo from each account. My question would be, can you have two separate Club Nintendo accounts linked to the same hardware? I would guess not, but you can try.

In regards to other users being able to play the game - yes, they can. I have 4 profiles on my Wii U and all 4 can play the games that I download. My profile is the only one with a Nintendo Network ID, though, but i wouldn't think that would change if your other users have a NNID as well.

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My country doesnt have club nintendo so its something where I receive the dowload from nintendo. I guess the same rules apply anyways

But if the game is linked to the hardware does that mean i lose the games I bought if the Wii breaks?

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@thomasXtmg said:

But if the game is linked to the hardware does that mean i lose the games I bought if the Wii breaks?

No, you would just need to let Nintendo know. They can transfer the licenses remotely to a new console, and they have a record of everything you've bought with your account.

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